Initially I was presented with an extensive brief to complete a review of the touch-points for Naked Ambition’s corporate workshops. The overarching theme was to increase participant engagement during workshops, improve learning outcomes, measure the results of the program and and enhance the user journey. For my final group project, I analysed the existing experience of key stakeholders and identified gaps that provided opportunities to create a holistic learning experience for participants of the workshops. 

I started off with a comprehensive research phase to gain a comprehensive understanding of Naked Ambition, their clients and the environmental landscape they were operating in. I felt it was crucial to thoroughly investigate core underlying problems and identify the right problem before closing in on a solution. I interviewed a selection of Naked Ambition’s clients to further understand their experience, motivations and frustrations and spent time researching competitors  to identify what is unique about Naked Ambition.

I identified that Naked Ambition's clients needed to be considered as three separate stakeholders which I summarised into three personas - The Exec, Team Leader and The Participant. I synthesised key insights, touch-points and user emotions of all three stakeholders into an experience map to compare the difference in experiences across the journey. I was able to use this to identify crucial gaps in the holistic journey and communicate the insights to Naked Ambition.

✦ The participant journey was very short lived and ended straight after the workshop
✦ Not all companies were implementing the learnings in the organization after the workshops
✦ There was difficulty proving return on investment after the workshops
✦ Through analysing the journey map we were able to see that objectives need to be clearly defined early on in the process 

I met with Naked Ambition to discuss how this would affect the direction of the project and prioritize what is most important and valuable to them as a business. One of Naked Ambitions main goals was to grow their business and together we discussed a critical need to structure back-end processes in order to facilitate growth of their business. From this point onwards we focused on opportunities to create a holistic learning experience for participants of the workshops.

To address the gap in learning implementations for the post workshop learning activities an alternative user flow was created.  This was received very well as it opened up a new offering for Naked Ambition. We proceeded to test these user flows on a number of clients and HR professionals to validate the concept of the new user flow and made amendments. Once we had iterated on an ideal user flow Naked Ambition put these recommendations into practice for their next workshop. 

Naked Ambition sends out pre-workshop and post-workshop communications to the participants via email. I wanted to create a process that ensured consistency in communications and enabled Naked Ambition to track and measure participant engagement with emails. Through speaking to some clients I found that some participants were not fully engaging in pre-workshop emails. The benefit of using MailChimp to send these emails is that you can check reports of the emails to see which parts of the emails are being engaged with and identify areas that are not working. Another benefit of using MailChimp for communication with participants is that there are simple templates which can increase efficiency.

✦ Comprehensive report synthesising insights from research
✦ Identified and created personas for key stakeholders
✦ Designed a comprehensive experience map including touch-points and user emotions
✦ Identified an opportunity for Naked Ambition to implement learnings after workshops
✦ Created ideal user flows for Naked Ambition to pitch new offering
✦ Standardized communication processes through MailChimp Content Guideline Report